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Following last year's "Hymn," which featured the Seattle bassist in an intimate trio with saxophonist Todd DelGiudice and pianist Geoff Keezer, Hamar hits here with an open-ended, double saxophone quartet. DelGiudice returns on alto and he's matched with the remarkable New York tenor saxophonist, Rich Perry, who together provide wide-ranging contrapuntal intrigue for Hamar and drummer Julian MacDonough to play against. "Idyl Wild" properly suggests the musical landscape of this new collection - a controlled burn, slow simmer, extravagance or beauty with a hint of volitilty, carefree risk-taking laden with abundant opportunity.  CD DETAILS >

CD cover: Idyl Wild
Origin 82623
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Jon Hamar matches his depth of musical knowledge and mastery of the double bass with a spirit of adventure. That combination of attributes may have made jazz an inevitable outlet for his creativity. With a penchant for musical challenge and a trio of unconventional instrumentation, in this collection he achieves the balance of thoughtfulness and risk-taking that characterizes the most successful jazz ventures.  CD DETAILS >

CD cover: Hymn

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The title of the CD, the images and text on the jacket, and the titles themselves evoke memories and pay tribute to people who were close to the artist. Sometimes music is the only media capable of communicating a sentiment that words and images cannot express. On Hereafter, he succeeds in that expression and connects the listener and himself to those that he pays tribute to.  CD DETAILS >
CD cover: Hereafter
Pony Boy Records PB50137-2
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An amazing selection of solo upright bass works that captivate the imagination and free the mind.  In 2003 Jon released a “mostly” solo bass cd on Pony Boy Records featuring his own compositions as well as arrangements of songs that he grew up listening to. “I looked back to those songs that upon hearing for the first time I could not stop singing in my head.” This resulted in an “amazing selection of solo upright works that captivate the imagination and free the mind. Playing melody along with supporting lines, Hamar invokes the essence of jazz, pop and Celtic moods. CD DETAILS >
CD cover; Basso Profundo