Photo of bass by Tasha Owen
Photo by Tasha Owen  

Idyl Wild, Origin Records, 2013

Hymn, Origin Records, 2012

Hereafter, Self released, 2007

Basso Profundo, Pony Boy Records, 2003


Center Song, Steve Treseler, CMA Records, 2013

Scenes and Voyages, Greg Williamson Quartet,
Pony Boy Records, 2013

In the Rain Shadow, Chris Amemiya and Jazz Coalescence,
OA2Records, 2013

Easy Living, Diana Page, Pony Boy Records, 2012

Sunday Nights: Live at Boxley's, Danny Kolke Trio,
Pony Boy Records, 2012

Midwest, Adam James Sorenson,
self released, 2012

Pencil Sketches, Todd DelGiudice, OA2 Records, 2011

Celilo Falls, Rachel Harrington, SkinnyDennis Records, 2011

Inner Mission, Richard Cole, Origin Records, 2010

Red Velvet, Zachary Kellogg, Pony Boy Records, 2010

Bring The Sea, Edie Carey, self released, 2010

Point of Entry, Larry Murante, self released, 2009

Resonance, Steve Treseler, self released, 2008

Young Amelia, Hans York, Hazzazar Records, 2007

Shades of Green, Jamie Laval, Tartan Records, 2003